Good Thoughts Bank
Changing the world, one Good Thought at a time

Why the Good Thoughts Bank?


Why the Good Thoughts Bank?


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Here at the Good Thoughts Bank we're pretty convinced by the age-old saying, 'thoughts become things'. More specifically, thoughts about the world, about other people, and, importantly, about ourselves. Those thoughts are the golden key to:

1) how happy we are


2) how likely we are to go after our dreams and ambitions.

We strongly believe that every single person has a right to do just that, regardless of background or circumstance.

And the biggest secret?

We really can achieve anything!

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Although it doesn’t always seem like it, we can start to minimise those sometimes-not-so-nice thoughts (we all think ‘em). How do we know that, you ask? Well because we’ve learnt to do just that! By actively looking for good thoughts and quotes every day for 6 weeks, we found they started to replace those negative thoughts. By the end of our experiment, we noticed a massive difference in how happy we were, how often we took a chance, and how quickly we bounced back after life handed us those pesky lemons.

Which is why (and how) we created the Good Thoughts Bank! We wanted to help anyone who needs it to think those same positive, empowering, motivational, and GOOD thoughts about themselves, their dreams, and their very important role in this beautiful world. 

One thought, one day, one person, and one Bank at a time.

I mean, how else do you change the world?