Good Thoughts Bank
Changing the world, one Good Thought at a time

What's in the Bank?


What's in the Bank?

Within each Bank you will receive:

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Lots and lot of Good Thoughts!

60 to be exact, to be picked out every day for two months. Each one has been handwritten, digitised and printed onto recycled card. We then carefully fold each one and place them into stunning, recycled glass jars all the way from Spain.

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Recycled, hand-stamped notebook and sustainable wooden pen

For all your own good thoughts!

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Collaboration Pieces

- Kindness Cards and Butterfly

- Organite stone handmade in Africa

- Eco-friendly magnet made from recycled glass and upcycled images

You can find out more about our awesomesauce collaborators on our Entrepreneurs page - be sure to check them out!

All of this comes together to create a beautiful, eco-friendly, mixed-media jar of joy! Each Bank is finished with a hand-stamped tag with it’s own number, creating a truly unique gift for yourself and loved ones.

10% of every sale goes towards the mental health charity Mind.