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Suitable Gifts

Kerri Mulhern, founder of Suitable Gifts (San Antonio, Texas, USA)

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My mission is to uplift the planet through inspiring messages so that everyone sees the divine in themselves, and remembers that we are one. I currently sell inspirational and spiritual gifts including T-shirts, mugs, magnets, bookmarks, journals, jewelry, books, and more. The inspirations behind these products include sanskrit mantras, meditation and yoga inspired themes, as well as Rumi and other love and spiritually-based quotes. We have items for women, men, children and infants. 

GTB Collaboration piece:

Kindness Cards - these can be used to leave kind messages for others, or to use as a note along with random acts of kindness.

Butterflies - colorful, magnetic, paper butterflies to use with the Kindness Cards or for decoration.

How you keep the good thoughts coming?

Dr. Wayne Dyer started me on my spiritual path and through him it continues to blossom . My 3 most important ways to stay in spirit are through meditation, prayer, and practicing gratitude daily. I surround myself with positive and uplifting books, audios, quotes, and courses. I love being in nature and around animals (especially cats!) who are the embodiment of pure love.

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