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Orgonise Yourself

Karin Sakwanda, founder of Orgonise Yourself (London, UK / Zambia, Africa)



I use a combination of orgonite and healing crystals to create pieces of art that help people make energetic shifts. I make all my items in my home country Zambia and these include pendants, pyramids, chakra sets, and other jewellery and decor orgonite pieces. 

GTB collaboration piece:

Resin hearts and stars that contain metal shavings, crystal quartz, selenite, ormus and iron oxide. These can be used as a meditation aid, as a "pocket piece" to keep your vibraton high, or be put in a high EMF area (e.g. near a WiFi router) to stabilise the energy and reduce EMF sensitivity symptoms. 

How you keep the good thoughts coming?

By embracing my creativity - I'm always working on projects that I am passionate about, and this makes me feel fully alive!

Where to find them:

Instagram: @orgoniseyourself